Doctoral Fellows

  • Katherine Aid

    Comparative Literature
    2013-14 Graduate Humanities Forum Chair

    Project: Making Scenes: Transnational Politics in Performance, 1890-1939

  • Thomas Dichter


    Project: Race and the Rhetoric of Carceral Violence: A Genealogy of Imprisonment in North America

  • Laura Finch

    Comparative Literature

    Project: Making a Killing: Shame, Violence, and Finance in the Contemporary US Novel

  • Seth Harvey


    Project: What Do We Know About Violence? Mapping the Research Domain of Violence Studies

  • Robert Hoffman


    Project: A History of Violence: Distinguishing War and Punishment in Liberal States

  • Emily Merrill


    Project: Judging Empire: British Military Courts and the Politics of the Body in Revolutionary America

  • Sarah Nicolazzo

    Comparative Literature

    Project: No Good Account: Reading Vagrancy in the Eighteenth Century

  • Kelly Rich


    Project: The Literary Postwar: War Making, Caretaking, and Repair after 1945

  • James Ryan


    Project: The Anatomy of a Riot: Political Violence, the Birth of Multiparty Politics and the Destruction of Tan Press, December 4, 1945

  • Elizaveta Strakhov

    Comparative Literature

    Project: Channeling War: Politics and Poetics in the Pennsylvania Manuscript