Penn Faculty Fellows

  • Stefania Benini

    Assistant Professor of Romance Languages

    Project: Revolt and Sacrifice: the Children of the Bourgeoisie in Italian Cinema of the Late Sixties

  • Sheila Murnaghan

    Alfred Reginald Allen Memorial Professor of Greek, Classical Studies

    Project: The Representation of Violence in Greek Tragedy

  • Eric Schneider

    Assistant Dean and Associate Director for Academic Affairs
    Adjunct Professor of History

    Project: Dancing with Knives: The Ecological Structure of African American Homicide in Postwar Philadelphia

  • David Stern

    Moritz and Josephine Berg Professor of Classical Hebrew Literature
    Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations

    Project: The Burning of the Talmud and Other Acts of Violence Against Jewish Books

  • Deborah Thomas

    Professor of Anthropology and Africana Studies

    Project: The Problem with Violence: Exceptionality, Politics, and Prophecy in the New World

  • Emily Wilson

    Associate Professor of Classical Studies

    Project: Sympathizing with the Cyclops: Violence in the Odyssey