Associate Scholars

  • Garry Bertholf

    Inaugural Postdoctoral Fellow in Race, Science, and Society
    Africana Studies, Sociology

    Project: The Biopolitics of Race and Race-Based Biotechnologies

  • Mitch Fraas

    SAS Postdoctoral Fellow
    History, Penn Library

    Project: Representing Violence in Early Colonial Indian Courtrooms

  • Rozaliya Garipova

    SAS Postdoctoral Fellow
    Religious Studies

    Project: Muslim Marriage and Divorce in the Volga-Ural Muslim Community of the Russian Empire in the Late Eighteenth – Early Twentieth Centuries

  • Andrew McAninch

    SAS Postdoctoral Fellow

    Project: Rational Agency and Normative Avowal

  • Yoko Nishimura

    SAS Postdoctoral Fellow

    Project: Third Millennium City-States in Northern Mesopotamia: Household Archaeology and Urban Layout

  • Jeanne Vaccaro

    SAS Postdoctoral Fellow
    Gender, Sexuality & Women's Studies

    Project: Handmade: The Everyday Feelings and Textures of Transgender Embodiment

  • Alden Young

    SAS Postdoctoral Fellow
    Africana Studies

    Project: Accounting for Decolonization: The Origins of the Sudanese Economy, 1945-1964