Regional Fellows

  • Linda Kim

    Assistant Professor of Art & Art History, Drexel University

    Project: "Evidence for History": Interrogating the Photographic Witness of Rwanda's Genocide

  • Graham MacPhee

    Associate Professor of English, West Chester University

    Project: Constructing Imperial Violence: Britain's "Migrated Archive"

  • Nicoletta Marini-Maio

    Associate Professor of Italian, Dickinson College

    Project: A Specter Is Haunting Italy: Representations of the Aldo Moro Case in Film and Theater

  • Patricia Melzer

    Assistant Professor of German and Women's Studies, Temple University

    Project: The "Violent Truth" of the Female Terrorist: Political Violence as Feminist Practice

  • Gabriel Rockhill

    Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Villanova University

    Project: The Janus Face of Democracy: Urgency of an Untimely Question

  • David Suisman

    Associate Professor of History, University of Delaware

    Project: Lowering the Boom: Sound, Violence, and the State

  • Phillip John Usher

    Assistant Professor of French and Comparative Literature, Barnard College

    Project: Until I saw It— Tragedy and Violence During the French Wars of Religion