Undergraduate Fellows

  • Panarat Anamwathana

    CAS, 2014; History

    Project: Studies in Nonviolence: The Gendered Nature of Quaker Charity

  • Davis Butner

    CAS, 2014; Architecture; Music

    Project: Brutalism as a Means for Performance: The Warring Nature of Spatial Design and Musical Composition as Envisioned by Iannis Xenakis

  • Antonios Cotzias

    CAS, 2015; Philosophy, Politics, and Economics

    Project: The Debt of a Hand

  • Robert Franco

    CAS, 2014; History
    2013-14 Undergraduate Humanities Forum Steering Committee

    Project: World War II on the Equator: Antifascism, Gender, and Democracy in Ecuador's May Revolution of 1944

  • Yae-Jin Ha

    CAS, 2014; History of Art

    Project: "Comfort Women Wanted": Uncovering the Violent Past through Visual Language

  • Nicole Hammons

    CAS, 2015; History; Philosophy

    Project: The Legitimization of Nonviolence in U.S. Politics

  • Shaj Mathew

    CAS, 2014; Comparative Literature

    Project: Literary and Literal Violence in Roberto Bolaño's 2666

  • Steven Perez

    CAS, 2014; History

    Project: Once and For All: Nationalist Concentration Camps during the Spanish Civil War

  • Olivia Rutigliano

    CAS, 2014; English; Cinema Studies
    2013-14 Undergraduate Humanities Forum Chair

    Project: Stealing the Show: An Investigation of the Three Unsolved Academy Awards Robberies

  • Samuel Schnittman

    CAS, 2014; History of Art

    Project: "All are punished": Violent [Self-]Destruction in Pieter Bruegel's Triumph of Death

  • Sarah Shihadah

    CAS, 2014; Comparative Literature; Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations
    2013-14 Undergraduate Humanities Forum Steering Committee

    Project: Imposed Imaginations and Narrative Violence

  • Shawn Teo

    CAS, 2014; Political Science; History

    Project: Becoming One Nation: National Identity in Singapore