Doctoral Fellows

  • Louise Daoust


    Project: Seeing Color: Negotiating Appearance and Accuracy in Color Perception

    I’m a 5th year graduate student in Philosophy at Penn, and I’m writing a dissertation about visual perception and its role in action. Originally from Ottawa, Canada, I grew up playing hockey and attending public... (more)

  • Elizabeth Della Zazzera

    Graduate Research Assistant and GHF Chair, 2014-15


    Project: Romanticism in Print: Periodical Production and the Politics of Aesthetics in Restoration France, 1814-1830

    Elizabeth Della Zazzera is a PhD candidate in History at the University of Pennsylvania. She received an in MA in History from the University of Victoria in 2009. A historian of modern France and of print culture,... (more)

  • Nese Devenot

    Comparative Literature

    Project: “Innumerable Fine Shades”: Psychedelics and Synesthesia in the Literary Self-Experiments of Aldous Huxley

    I am a PhD Candidate in the Program in Comparative Literature and Literary Theory at the University of Pennsylvania, where I study psychedelic philosophy, the nonfiction of chemical self-experimentation, and radical... (more)

  • Ting Fung Ho


    Project: The Ontology of Color: Defending and Reconstructing Color Relationalism

    Ting Fung Ho is a second year PhD student from the philosophy department. Being fascinated by phenomenal experience and its implication on the relation between human and world, he worked mostly on phenomenology... (more)

  • Charlotte Ickes

    History of Art

    Project: Black Radical Spectacle in the Work of Melvin Van Peebles Isaac Julien, and Steve McQueen

    A sixth-year PhD student in the History of Art Department, Charlotte Ickes is currently serving as the Philadelphia Musuem of Art/Penn Mellon Fellow in the Contemporary Art Department of the PMA. In 2012-2013, she... (more)

  • Jeannie Kenmotsu

    Art History

    Project: Brocade Pictures: Printing Color in Eighteenth-Century Japan

    Jeannie Kenmotsu is a doctoral candidate in the History of Art department. Her research interests focus on the art of early modern Japan, with special attention to illustrated books, prints, and painting. She... (more)

  • Don James McLaughlin


    Project: Color-Phobia: Rabies, Race Prejudice, and the Mad Cry of Analogy in U.S. Antislavery Print Culture

    Don James McLaughlin is a Ph.D. candidate in the English Department at the University of Pennsylvania. He is currently writing a dissertation titled “Touching Phobia: Viral Affect and the Medicalization of Fear in... (more)

  • Alan Niles


    Project: Black and White as Writing Technologies in the Pre-modern Anglophone Atlantic, ca. 1500–1700

    Alan Niles is a PhD student in the English Department working on a dissertation on the early modern literary culture of mourning and commemoration. His research draws on theories and methodologies from the history of... (more)

  • Laura Soderberg


    Project: Vicious Infants: Antisocial Childhoods and Trajectories of Exclusion in the Antebellum United States

    Laura Soderberg works on literature of the nineteenth-century U.S., focusing on the history of childhood during that time. Her dissertation, "Vicious Infants: Antisocial Childhoods and the Politics of Population in... (more)