Undergraduate Fellows

  • Anwar Akrouk


    College of Arts & Sciences, 2015

    Project: The Last Jihad: Arab Nationalism, the Fall of the Ottoman Empire, and Minorities

    I'm Anwar, a history major and member of the Class of 2015. Originally from Jordan, I have also lived in Bahrain, Poland, the UK, and Egypt. In my free time I enjoy reading, playing and watching soccer, and exploring... (more)

  • Juan Cabrera


    College of Arts & Sciences, 2017

    Project: (De)colonizing Representations: Influence of 20th Century Indigenous/Indigenist Art in Ecuador, Peru, and Mexico

    A native of Ecuador, Juan Cabrera is a sophomore in the College of Arts and Sciences studying linguistics and minoring in fine arts and anthropology. When not cracking the books, he works at the Kelly Writers House... (more)

  • Antonios Cotzias

    Philosophy, Politics, and Economics

    College of Arts & Sciences, 2014

    Project: The Exile of Darkness

    Ironically enough, I came to Penn all the way from Athens to study philosophy, politics, and economics. Graduating a semester early in December 2014, I am looking forward to applying to intersectional graduate... (more)

  • Leah Davidson

    2014-15 Undergraduate Humanities Forum Chair

    Management and Global Innovation

    Wharton, 2016

    Project: The Colors of Environmental Art: A Study of Psychology and Activism

    Leah Davidson is a junior in Wharton concentrating in management and global innovation. She has created a microfinance program to incubate businesses in rural Peru, launched Act for Antarctica, a youth-led campaign... (more)

  • Danielle Kerker


    College of Arts & Sciences, 2015

    Project: “The Implacable Surge of History”: Investigating Jewish Activism in Atlanta During the Civil Rights Movement

    My name is Danielle Kerker and I'm a senior in the College of Arts and Sciences, majoring in History with a concentration in American History. I hail from Atlanta, GA, and my research interests lie in the histories... (more)

  • Abigail Koffler


    College of Arts & Sciences, 2015

    Project: ‘He too has a right to be educated’: Inclusion and Identity in Ecuador’s Indigenous Movement, 1927-2009

    Abigail Koffler is a senior from Queens, New York. At an early age, she learned to ride the subway and avoid the nickname “Abby.” She attended international school from kindergarten through 8th grade, where she began... (more)

  • Kimberly Kolor

    2014-15 Undergraduate Humanities Forum Steering Committee

    Religious Studies, South Asia Studies

    College of Arts & Sciences, 2015

    Project: Color-coding the Margins: Personal & Public Beautification and Community Identity in Eastern Sri Lanka

    Kimberly is a South Asia Studies and Religious Studies double major with a Tamil language focus and a minor in International Development. Her general research interests include material religion, religion in... (more)

  • Jose Romero

    2014-15 Undergraduate Humanities Forum Steering Committee


    College of Arts & Sciences, 2015

    Project: Sensing Inhumanity: Brownness at the Limits of the Political in Washington

    José is an anthropology major whose research broadly tunes into the alimentary antagonisms of capitalist and colonial development. Aside from his Penn Humanities Forum Fellowship and Steering Committee position, he... (more)

  • Kimberly Schreiber

    Comparative Literature

    College of Arts & Sciences, 2015

    Project: Documenting Disremembrance: Histories of Loss in Contemporary Chinese Representation

    Kimberly Schreiber is a senior majoring in comparative literature, with a concentration in literary and cultural theory, and minoring in art history and Chinese. Her research is on representations of loss in... (more)

  • Brendan Van Gorder

    Political Science and Sociology

    College of Arts & Sciences, 2015

    Project: How Sight Creates Prejudice: The Marketing and Protesting of Brazil’s World Cup

    Brendan Van Gorder is graduating 2015 in political science as a Benjamin Franklin Scholar and Civic Scholar. He is currently pursuing computer programming and network science in order to acquire the tools to develop... (more)

  • Melanie White

    Cultural Anthropology

    College of Arts & Sciences, 2015

    Project: As Long as You’re a Black Wo/man You’re an African: Creole Diasporic Politics in the Age of Mestizo Nationalism

    Melanie (C’15) is a senior cultural anthropology major with a minor in Africana studies. During her time at Penn she has been a member of Penn's Race Dialogue Project and a student advocate at LIFT-Philadelphia. Her... (more)