The Stuff We Carry

March 22, 2019 (Friday) / 9:00 am3:15 pm

Humanities Conference Room, 623 Williams Hall, 255 S 36th Street

The Stuff We Carry

Join us as the Wolf Humanities Center's 2018-2019 Undergraduate Research Fellows present their research on Stuff at our 20th Annual Undergraduate Conference.

9:00-9:30am | Registration and Breakfast

9:30-9:45am | Opening Remarks
Ayako Kano, Faculty Director, UHF; Professor in East Asian Languages and Civilizations
Fiona Jensen-Hitch, Chair and Research Fellow, UHF

9:45-11:00am | Constructing Bodily Knowledge: The Stuff of Health and Hygiene
Moderator: Etienne Benson, Janice and Julian Bers Assistant Professor in the Social Sciences

Lara Jung (Health and Societies; CAS 2019)
Reimagining the Country: A Landscape of Children’s Health and Wellbeing from 1875-1975
Folasade Lapite (Health and Societies; CAS 2019)
Tampax’s Side Story (TSS): The Influence Menstrual Product Manufacturers Instill in Menstrual Education and its Perception
Lea Eisenstein (Health and Societies; CAS 2019)
From Icon to Bygone: The Rise and Fall of the Contraceptive Diaphragm in Twentieth-Century America

11:05am-12:30pm | Resuscitating Matter, Reorganizing Minds: The Stuff of Cultural History
Moderator: Sophia Rosenfeld, Walter H. Annenberg Professor of History

John Aggrey Odera (Philosophy, Political Science; CAS 2019)
The Poverty of Effective Altruism: An Essay in Epistemology and Practical Ethics
Derek Willie (English, French; CAS 2019)
Le Livre: Material Dwellings, Metaphysical Pretensions
Celeste Marcus (Intellectual History; CAS 2019)
Jacob Franklin, Father of the British Jewish Press

1:30-3:00pm | Unearthing the Present: The Stuff that Remains
Moderator: Jorge Téllez, Assistant Professor of Romance Languages

Fiona Jensen-Hitch (Anthropology, English; CAS 2019)
Politics, Identity, and Ethics: An Integrated Approach to a Bioarchaeological Collection
Kako Yamada (Political Science; CAS 2019)
The Pawn in a Game of the Americas: The Stateless Japanese Peruvian’s Fight for Redress
Parker Abt (History; CAS 2019)
Third World America: The Drive to Own a Home in the Colonias of Hidalgo County, Texas
Dillon Bergin (Comparative Literature; CAS 2019)
Artifacts of Apartheid: Student Revolt in South Africa

3:00-3:15pm | Closing Remarks
Parker Abt and John Odera, Executive Board and Research Fellows, UHF