Undergraduate Fellows

  • Parker Abt

    Executive Board, Wolf Undergraduate Humanities Forum


    CAS, 2019

    Project: Third World America: The Drive to Own a Home in the Colonias of Hidalgo County, Texas

    Parker is a senior majoring in History. His primary academic interest is the intersection of American legal and economic history. His historical research has been published in the Gettysburg Historical Journal, The... (more)

  • John Aggrey Odera

    Executive Board, Wolf Undergraduate Humanities Forum

    Philosophy, Political Science

    CAS, 2019

    Project: The Poverty of Effective Altruism: An Essay in Epistemology and Practical Ethics

    John is a Philosophy and Political Science major, and a minor in Classics, Statistics, and German. His chief interests lie in the different conceptions of “the good life” outlined in Aristotelian and Platonic... (more)

  • Dillon Bergin

    Comparative Literature

    CAS, 2019

    Project: Artifacts of Apartheid: Student Revolt in South Africa

    Dillon is a senior Comparative Literature major with a minor in Journalistic Writing, who studied German Literature in the beautiful city of Freiburg, Germany before transferring to Penn as junior. The focus of his... (more)

  • Lea Eisenstein

    Health and Societies

    CAS, 2019


    Lea Eisenstein is a Health and Societies major concentrating in gender and health and minoring in Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies. She is interested in the history of science and medicine in the late... (more)

  • Fiona Jensen-Hitch

    Chair, Executive Board, Wolf Undergraduate Humanities Forum

    Anthropology, English

    CAS, 2019

    Project: Politics, identity, and ethics: an integrated approach to a bioarchaeological collection

    Fiona is a senior from Santa Fe, New Mexico. She is studying Anthropology and English (with a concentration in Creative Writing), and minoring in Archaeological Science. On campus she can usually be found at the Penn... (more)

  • Lara Jung

    Health and Societies

    CAS, 2019

    Project: Reimagining the Country: A Landscape of Children’s Health and Wellbeing from 1875-1975

    Lara Jung is a Senior majoring in Health and Societies, concentrating in Public Health. She has been interested in the health benefits of spending time outdoors as a result of the profound impact nature and the... (more)

  • Folasade Lapite

    Health and Societies

    CAS, 2019

    Project: Tampax’s Side Story (TSS): The Influence Menstrual Product Manufacturers Instill in Menstrual Education and its Perception

    Folasade is a senior majoring in Health and Societies, with a concentration in bioethics and society, and minoring in Chemistry and Africana Studies. Her research interests revolve around women's health and wellness... (more)

  • Celeste Marcus

    Intellectual History

    CAS, 2019

    Project: Jacob Franklin, Father of the British Jewish Press

    Celeste Marcus is a rising senior majoring in intellectual history in the College of Arts and Sciences. Her primary academic focus has been the secular enlightenment period, though she has also studied the Haskalah,... (more)

  • Derek Willie

    English, French

    CAS, 2019

    Project: Le Livre: Material Dwellings, Metaphysical Pretensions

    Derek Willie is an undergraduate student at the University of Pennsylvania, studying English and French with a concentration in Literary & Cultural Theory. His interests include nineteenth-century British novels... (more)

  • Kako Yamada

    Political Science

    CAS, 2019

    Project: The Pawn in a Game of the Americas: The Stateless Japanese Peruvian’s Fight for Redress

    Kako is a senior Political Science major whose project for the Humanities Center will focus on the redress efforts of Japanese Peruvians. She is interested in a multi-modal presentation of her research in the form of... (more)