Undergraduate Fellows

  • Ilana Cohen

    English, Philosophy

    CAS, 2011

    Project: In the Wake of Digital Aesthetics

  • Rachel Cohen


    CAS, 2011

    Project: "Thus play I in one person many people": Performing Kingship in Richard II

  • David Dunning

    English, Mathematics

    CAS, 2012

    Project: ‘Virtually Unlimited’: The Elusiveness of Reality in Infinite Jest

  • Margaret Hlousek

    Gender, Society and Culture, Urban Studies

    CAS, 2012

    Project: "Pink Politics": Negotiation of LGBT Identity through Politics & Popular Media

  • To Nhu Thanh Huynh

    Health and Societies, East Asian Studies

    CAS, 2012

    Project: The Virtual Pandemic: Representations of H1N1 in the Vietnamese Online Newspapers

  • Ryan Jobson

    Africana Studies, Anthropology

    CAS, 2011

    Project: (Re)politicizing August First: Diaspora, Neoliberalism, and the Commodification of Emancipation Day


  • Jonathan de Jong

    International Relations, History, Dutch

    CAS, 2011

    Project: From Also-Rans to Bargaining Equals? The Benelux and Early European Integration

  • Sol Jung

    History of Art, Philosophy, East Asian Languages and Civilizations

    CAS, 2011

    Project: The Virtual Aesthetic Experience of the Scholary Elite in the Joseon Dynasty as seen through Hanok


  • Edward Murphy-Schwartz

    Religious Studies, Biological Basis of Behavior, Health Care Management

    CAS, 2012

    Project: Presentia Falsa Libri: Medieval Virtuality

  • Yuval Orr

    Modern Middle Eastern Studies

    CAS, 2011

    Project: Born Here/Estranged Here: Israeli and Palestinian Hip-Hop Broadcasts the Nation

  • Kaneesha Cherelle Parsard

    English, Africana Studies

    College of Arts & Sciences (CAS), 2011

    Project: The Hybrid Caribbean Imagi(nation): Migrations and Postcolonial Sovereignty


  • Landon Reitz

    English, Germanic Languages and Literatures, Classics

    CAS, 2011

    Project: Translating the Hero: Mediums of Translation in Friedrich Klopstock's Messias

  • Shana Rusonis


    CAS, 2012

    Project: The Ties that Bind: A Study of Family Dynamics in Romantic Era Literature

  • Petal Samuel

    Africana Studies, English

    CAS, 2011

    Project: "Ee Cassé": Virtuality and Remembrance in Caribbean Poetry

  • Valeria Tsygankova

    English, Creative Writing

    CAS, 2011

    Project: Representing Church & State: Paratexts of the Bishops' Bible (1568)