Regional Fellows

  • Arcana Albright

    Assistant Professor, French, Albright College

    Project: Literary Screens: Television Viewed through Contemporary French Fiction

  • Oliver Gaycken

    Assistant Professor, English, Temple University

    Project: The Living Book of Knowledge: Visions of the Moving-Image Encyclopedia from Marey to the Internet

  • Susan Jacobson

    Assistant Professor, Journalism, Temple University

    Project: Playing the Narrative: Virtuality, Video Games and Digital Journalism

  • Homay King

    Associate Professor, History of Art, Bryn Mawr College

    Project: The Dream of the Virtual: Digital Frontiers and the Flight from Earth

  • Mimi Sheller

    Professor, Sociology, Drexel University

    Project: Virtual Caribbeans: Inventing Island Edens, Economies, and Elsewheres

  • Matthew Shoaf

    Assistant Professor, Art History, Ursinus College

    Project: Clamorous Images: Voice, Identity, and Verisimilitude in Gothic Italy

  • Mark Zaki

    Assistant Professor, Music, Rutgers University-Camden

    Project: Beyond Synchronization: Formal Coherence in Computer-Generated Visual Music