Penn Faculty Fellows

  • Julie Nelson Davis

    Associate Professor, History of Art

    Project: Producing the “Floating World”: Publishers, Artists, the Market and Ukiyo-e Print Culture

  • Tsitsi Jaji

    Assistant Professor, English

    Project: Downloadable Diasporas

  • Catriona MacLeod

    Associate Professor, Germanic Languages and Literatures

    Project: All That is Solid Melts Into Air: Virtual Sculpture in German Romanticism

  • Justin Thomas McDaniel

    Associate Professor, Religious Studies

    Project: The Thai Virtual Monastery: Creating Sacred Space On-Line

  • Deven M. Patel

    Assistant Professor, South Asia Studies

    Project: Dream, Error, and Self-ing: Virtuality and “Flashy Poetry” in Sanskrit

  • Emily Wilson

    Associate Professor, Classical Studies

    Project: Reality and Representation in the Ancient Novel