Penn Faculty Fellows

  • Hsiao-wen Cheng

    Assistant Professor of East Asian Religions
    Department of East Asian Languages and Civilizations

    Project: The Strange, the Queer, and the State: Shifting Categories of Sexual Anomalies from Ancient to Early Modern China

    Hsiao-wen Cheng is interested in histories of gender and sexuality in times and places when the discursive nature of medical knowledge and the power of the state were radically different from those in modern... (more)

  • Karen Detlefsen

    Associate Professor of Philosophy
    University of Pennsylvania

    Project: Passionate Minds: Women, Education and Philosophy in the Early Modern Period

    Karen Detlefsen has two primary research projects. One project focuses on the relation between the  life sciences and metaphysics in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, specifically tracing the  evolution of... (more)

  • Julia Wilker

    Assistant Professor of Classical Studies
    University of Pennsylvania

    Project: Hellenistic Royal Polygamy: Procreation, Power, and Prestige

    Julia Wilker is an Ancient Historian with a research focus on the Near East in Hellenistic and Roman times as well as late classical Greece. She is particularly interested in cross-cultural interactions and concepts... (more)

  • Emily Wilson

    Associate Professor of Classical Studies
    University of Pennsylvania

    Project: Athena's Man: Tropes of Gender in the Odyssey

    Emily Wilson works on Greek and Roman literature and its reception and translation, with particular interests in epic, tragedy and philosophy.  She read Classics at Balliol College Oxford, has an M. Phil. in Early... (more)