Penn Faculty Fellows

  • Rita Barnard

    Professor of English and Comparative Literature

    Project: Over the (Rainbow) Nation: South African Writing, World Literature, and Globalization

  • David Barnes

    Associate Professor of History & Sociology of Science and Director, Health & Societies Program

    Project: Purgatory-on-Delaware: Life and Death on the Margins at Philadelphia's Lazaretto

  • Eric Jaronsinski

    Assistant Professor of German

    Project: Peripheral Revision: Reading Radio, Re-Reading Modernity

  • Lauren Ristvet

    Assistant Professor of Anthropology

    Project: On the Edge of Empire: Local Identities and Imperial Resistance in Naxçıvan, Azerbaijan

  • Timothy Rommen

    Associate Professor of Music

    Project: "Antillais sans Frontieres": Sounding the Possibilities of a Borderless Caribbean Through Dominica's Creole Musics

  • David Wallace

    Judith Rodin Professor of English

    Project: Europe: Peripheries and Heartlands, Beginnings and Ends