Undergraduate Fellows

  • Melany Barr


    CAS, 2013

    Project: Peripheral Realisms: Supernatural Exiles in James Joyce and Henry James

  • Joshua James Herren

    History; Art History

    CAS, 2013

    Project: Furious Acts: AIDS and the Arts of Activism, 1980–1996

  • William Kearney

    Science, Technology and Society; Earth Science

    CAS, 2013

    Project: Tuzo Wilson in China: Mapping Tectonics, Disciplines and Diplomacy in the Cold War

  • Amalya Lehmann


    CAS, 2013

    Project: "I was born for opera buffa, you know it well!”: A Serious Look at Rossini's Musical Wit and Humor

  • Shaj Mathew

    Comparative Literature

    CAS, 2014

    Project: Peripheral Peoples: Istanbul in Orhan Pamuk’s The Museum of Innocence on the Margins of Modernity

  • Michael Morse

    Political Science

    CAS, 2013

    Project: The Black Codes: The Modern Legacy of Felon Disenfranchisement in the South

  • Anand Muthusamy

    Biochemistry, Biophysics

    CAS, 2014

    Project: The Limits of the Language and Ethics of Pain in Becoming a Body without Organs

  • Elaine Ogden


    CAS, 2013

    Project: Peripheral Phenomena: Jane Austen and Vampires

  • Mark Pantano

    Architecture; Environmental Studies

    CAS, 2014

    Project: Reading Gaudi's Great Book of Nature: Reconsidering the Peripheral Reception of Proto-Environmental Architecture

  • Lane Raffaldini Rubin

    Architecture; Italian Studies

    CAS, 2013

    Project: Inhabiting Peripheries: Palladio and the Cosmogony of the Villa

  • Olivia Rutigliano

    English; Cinema Studies

    CAS, 2014

    Project: Bardrobing: Conventions and Inventions in Costume Design Throughout Shakespeare Performance History

  • James Sawyer

    Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations; Modern Middle Eastern Studies

    CAS, 2013

    Project: Astana, Cultural Capital on the Fringes of Tradition and Modernity