Undergraduate Fellows

  • Ivanna Berríos

    Chair, Wolf Undergraduate Humanities Forum
    Comparative Literature

    CAS, 2021

    Project: Un Mundo Al Revés: Anticolonial Irony and Counterhegemonic Historiography in La Ultima Reina

    Ivanna Berríos is a Comparative Literature major concentrating in globalization and minoring in Art History. As a Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellow, their research interests broadly center around critical artistic... (more)

  • Tathagat Bhatia

    Science, Technology, and Society

    CAS, 2021

    Project: Modeling Postcolonial Development: Cold War Economics and the Politics of Neutral Expertise

    Tathagat is a senior from Lucknow, India. He studies history of science and Russian, with interests in environmental history, post-colonial histories of South Asia and the global Cold War. As a Rising... (more)

  • Sally Chen

    Executive Board, Wolf Undergraduate Humanities Forum
    Political Science

    CAS, 2021

    Project: Is it All a Mirage? Religious Freedom and False Choice in America

    Sally is a senior from Philadelphia, PA. She studies Political Science, Economic Policy, History and Legal Studies in the College of Arts and Sciences. Her current academic interests lie in the study of... (more)

  • Lucia Gonzalez

    Political Science and Urban Studies

    CAS, 2023

    Project: The Role of Extracurricular Activities in FGLI Students' Selective College Admissions Experiences

    Lucia Gonzalez is a sophomore studying Political Science and Urban Education. More specifically, she is interested in the intersection between the school choice movement and de facto segregation, and its impact on... (more)

  • Justin Greenman

    History and Political Science

    CAS, 2021

    Project: Loyalty and Disloyalty in Urban America: A Comparative Study of New York City and Philadelphia Politics During the Civil War

    Justin is a senior from New Jersey double majoring in History and Political Science, with concentrations in American History and American Politics. His primary research interest is looking at how elections... (more)

  • Connor Hardy

    Executive Board, Wolf Undergraduate Humanities Forum
    Health and Societies; Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies

    CAS, 2021

    Project: Navigating University Reporting and Justice for Survivors of Sexual Violence: Returning Agency to Students

    Connor Hardy is a senior from Baltimore, Maryland double majoring in Gender, Sexuality & Women’s Studies and Health & Societies (with a concentration in Global Health). On campus, Connor works as a... (more)

  • Henry Hung

    Moral and Political Philosophy; Political Science

    CAS, 2021

    Project:  Ethical Choices in Social Movements

    Henry is a student from Hong Kong double majoring in Philosophy and Political Science. He is interested in understanding people’s ethical and political behaviors, and in thinking about their rightness or... (more)

  • Arnav Lal

    Biophysics and Philosophy

    CAS, 2023

    Project: Biological Justice: Analyzing Choice Versus Responsibility of Human Embryo Utilization

    Arnav is a sophomore studying Biophysics and Philosophy.  His philosophical areas of interest revolve around scientific topics of research, including genomics, microbiology, developmental biology and... (more)

  • Pearl Liu

    Science, Technology, and Society

    CAS, 2021

    Project: Visions of the Future of Philadelphia in Public Discussions About the South Philadelphia Refinery Site

    Pearl Liu is a senior studying science, technology, and society and environmental humanities. Her research project examines how the future has been imagined in discussions about the former refinery site in South... (more)
  • Kristina Mullen

    Economics and Health and Societies

    CAS, 2021

    Project: Type 1 Diabetes Health Advocacy: Poster Children and Performativity in Pediatric Research Funding

    Kristina Mullen is a rising Senior (C’21) double majoring in Economics and Health and Societies, minoring in French and Francophone Studies from Princeton, New Jersey. Her research interests lie at the ... (more)

  • Erin O'Malley

    Comparative Literature and Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies

    CAS, 2021

    Project: The Asian/Alien in American Legal Policy and Science Fiction

    Erin O'Malley is a senior majoring in Comparative Literature and Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies and minoring in Asian American Studies and Creative Writing. They are a Mellon Mays Undergraduate... (more)

  • Avneet Randhawa


    CAS, 2021

    Project: Intermediality in Atom Egoyan’s Cinema: A Meditation on Vision

    Avneet Randhawa is a senior studying English with a concentration in 20th and 21st-century modernisms in the College of Arts and Sciences. Her research interests range from film and media theory to D.H. Lawrence... (more)