Pearl Liu

Wolf Humanities Center Undergraduate Fellow

20202021 Forum on Choice

Pearl Liu

Science, Technology, and Society

CAS, 2021

Pearl Liu is a senior studying science, technology, and society. She is exploring her interests in environmental humanities, utopianism, and speculative fiction through her senior thesis research on what and how visions of the future of Philadelphia are being generated and shared in response to social-environmental issues. She is especially interested in the intersection of STS and environmental humanities, which allows her to engage in interdisciplinary exploration of questions of knowledge and relationships between humans and other-than-humans. She also enjoys dancing, taking walks, and watching and writing plays.

Energy and Visions of the Future in Philadelphia

Individuals and organizations in Philadelphia have been publicly imagining different futures for the city to influence the choices that will be made about energy production in Philadelphia. In this project, I am studying the creation and sharing of visions of the future of Philadelphia in discussions about an energy transition. I will examine recent and ongoing cases of public imagination of Philadelphia's future by residents, activists, energy companies, local government, environmental organizations, and researchers, and show how these cases of future envisioning reflect the history of Philadelphia and people's relationships with technologies and environments.