Undergraduate Fellows

  • Parker Abt


    CAS, 2019

    Project: PAC Men: How the Civil Rights Movement Inadvertently Created Dark Money in Politics

    Parker is a junior majoring in History. His primary academic interest is the intersection of American legal and economic history. He recently researched the history of a federal tax on horse-drawn carriages that... (more)

  • Rive Cadwallader

    Health and Societies, Classical Studies

    CAS, 2018

    Project: Medicine in the "Athens of America": Physicians and the Neoclassical Movement in Late Eighteenth Century Philadelphia

    Rive Cadwallader is a senior majoring in Classical Studies and Health and Societies, with a concentration in the History of Medicine. A lifelong Philadelphian, Rive has a deep interest in the city's medical history,... (more)

  • Jeffrey Careyva

    English, Philosophy

    CAS, 2018

    Project: Jacques Derrida's Ghostly Archive of Poetry

    Jeffrey Careyva is a senior from Ringtown, PA, where he helps his father run their family farm. He is majoring in both Philosophy and English with a concentration in Literary Theory and Cultural Studies. His research... (more)

  • Seung Hyun Chung

    Executive Board, Wolf Undergraduate Humanities Forum


    CAS, 2018

    Project: Empathy Machine? The Afterlives of Race, Memory, and Bodyhood in Immersive Virtual Reality

    Seung Hyun (or Seung-Hyun) is a senior majoring in English with minors in Asian American Studies and Theatre Arts. He is a budding playwright and filmmaker, engaging creative practice with his research interests in... (more)

  • Alisa Feldman

    Health and Societies

    CAS, 2018

    Project: Be Fruitful and Medicalize: IVF Risk Communication and the Politics of Assisted Reproduction in Israel

    Alisa is majoring in Health and Societies with a concentration in health policy and law, and minoring in Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies. Her research interests center on new reproductive technologies; the... (more)

  • Rebecca Heilweil

    History, Political Science

    CAS, 2018

    Project: The Search for Solidarity Beyond Bloom: Jewish Advocacy in Ireland, 1933-1958

    Rebecca Heilweil is a University Scholar from New York. She is interested in the relationship between contemporary media and history. At Penn, she has been an undergraduate fellow for the College House Research... (more)

  • Adrian Kase

    Biological Basis of Behavior

    CAS, 2018

    Project: Conceptions of Death and the Afterlife in Modern American Comedic Films

    Adrian is a senior in the College of Arts and Sciences majoring in Biological Basis of Behavior. She currently studies the genetic basis of behavior in Pharaoh ants in Professor Timothy Linksvayer's lab. Along with... (more)

  • Claudia Kassner

    Chair, Executive Board, Wolf Undergraduate Humanties Forum

    Classical Studies, Ancient History

    CAS, 2018

    Project: ἐλευθέρα εἶμεν καὶ ἀνέφαπτος: Examining the Afterlife of Greek Slavery in the Manumission Inscriptions at Delphi

    Claudia is a Classical Studies (concentrating in Classical Languages and Literature) and Ancient History major. Her primary areas of interest include Greek and Roman mythology and religion, Greek tragedy, gender in... (more)

  • Colin Lodewick


    CAS, 2019

    Project: “I think heaven is…”: Articulating Community in Elegy of the AIDS Crisis

    Colin is an English major concentrating in Poetry & Poetics and minoring in Hispanic Studies. He is interested in an expansive definition of poetics – one that includes not just literary expression but much more... (more)

  • Kyra Schulman

    Executive Board, Wolf Undergraduate Humanities Forum

    History, French Studies

    CAS, 2018

    Project: The Dreyfus Affair in Vichy France: An Afterlife

    Kyra Schulman is a senior double majoring in history with a European concentration and French and francophone studies with a minor in music. Her research focuses on the afterlife of the Dreyfus Affair in France and,... (more)

  • Amy Stidham


    CAS, 2018

    Project: Literary Reincarnation

    Amy is a senior English major whose project for the Humanities Forum will focus on the afterlives of authors in later literary works, particularly 20th century poetry. She conducted research this summer with a... (more)