Postdoctoral Fellows

  • James Bergman

    History of Science

    Harvard University, 2014

    Project: Afterlives of Climate: The Persistence of Data in Climatology, 1933–1963

    James Bergman is a historian of science studying the history of climate science in the middle of the twentieth century. He is writing a book manuscript, Climate on the Ground: Data, Planning, and the Pursuit of... (more)

  • Jacob Doherty


    Stanford University, 2016

    Project: Waste Worlds: Kampala's Infrastructures of Cleanliness and Disposability

    Jacob Doherty is an anthropologist studying urban infrastructures and environments. His work focuses on the production of disposability as a social and material condition, and the ways lives cast as disposable are,... (more)

  • Adam Foley


    University of Notre Dame, 2016

    Project: Homer's Winged Words and Humanist Latinity: The Task of Translating Homer in the Italian Renaissance

    Adam Foley recently finished his PhD in the Department of History at the University of Notre Dame where he wrote his dissertation on the first Latin translations of Homer in the Italian Renaissance. He has been in... (more)

  • Meg Leja


    Princeton University, 2015

    Project: Beyond the Body and Back Again: The Carolingian Soul and the Afterworld

    Meg Leja is a scholar of Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages, who specializes in the history of medicine. Her current research explores changing perceptions of the body and the value of medical knowledge in the early... (more)

  • Delia Wendel

    Architectural History and Cultural Geography

    Harvard University, 2016

    Project: Rwanda’s Genocide Heritage: Between Memory and Sovereignty

    Delia Duong Ba Wendel is interested in how communities recover and rebuild from conflict and disaster. Her current research explores peacebuilding in post-genocide Rwanda as a socio-spatial endeavor; one that is... (more)