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Humanities-at-Large programs feature collaborations with groups from across Penn and Philadelphia as well as other humanities happenings cosponsored by the Wolf Center. 
Please refer to individual event pages for full event details. For questions or concerns about accessibility, please feel free to contact the Wolf Humanities Center by email or phone (215.573.8280).

Penn Museum Culture Films

Humanities Symposium

Penn Museum Culture Films

Jeremy Johnson
Gregory D. Lattanzi
Katelyn Lucas

Undergraduate Humanities Forum Research Conference

Past Events

Jyana S. Browne

Presented by the Center for East Asian Studies

Farid Barron All Stars
Vocals and Vibes featuring Yesseh Ali

Penn Museum Culture Films

Herman Beavers
Airea D. Matthews
Raquel Salas Rivera
Syd Zolf
Shahzia Sikander
Jamal J. Elias

Dr. S.T. Lee Distinguished Lecture in the Humanities

Penn Museum Culture Films

Brian Greenwald

Penn Museum Culture Films