Undergraduate Fellows

  • Alex Anderson

    Comparative Literature

    College, 2018

    Project: Beckett at the Limits of Language: An Analysis of Worstward Ho and its French Translation

    Alex is a junior from Havertown, PA. He is majoring in Comparative Literature with a concentration in Literary Theory and speaks French and German. His research interests include modernism and modernity, post-... (more)

  • Juan Cabrera


    College, 2017

    Project: The Language of Reputation and Scandal: Translations of Lived Experiences in Spanish, English, and Spanglish Oral Narratives

    Juan is a Linguistics major who is interested in phonetics, psycholinguistics, and pragmatics. He is also a Fine Arts minor concentrating in drawing and graphic design. He speaks English, Spanish, Italian, and... (more)

  • Gerardo Cedillo

    Chemistry; Materials Science & Engineering

    College; Engineering; 2017

    Project: The insidious network: Translating the invasive biology of the Cuban marabú tree into a model for radical politics

    Gerardo is enrolled in the Vagelos Integrated Program in Energy Research, pursuing a dual degree in Chemistry and Materials Science & Engineering and a minor in Fine Arts. His senior design project consists of... (more)

  • Mary Lindsay Cerulli

    Health and Societies

    College, 2017

    Project: Go Ask the Midwife: Understanding Midwives as Practical Policy Translators in South Africa’s Urban Maternal Health Landscape

    The legacy of gendered professionalization, the racial hierarchy of apartheid, and profound health care policy changes in the post-apartheid era, facilitated a specific scrutiny of maternity nurses working in the... (more)

  • Gabriel Ferrante

    Biochemistry, Philosophy

    College, 2017

    Project: Es mi Shakespeare su Shakespeare? Pronoun Formality in Spanish Translations of Hamlet

    In addition to his dual major in Biochemistry and Philosophy, Gabriel Ferrante is a submatriculant in the Masters of Chemistry program, interests that are unified by a desire to understand the physical and... (more)

  • Michael Karam

    Steering Committee, Undergraduate Humanities Forum

    Economics and International Relations

    College, 2017

    Project: The Lebanese M Community: Identities Lost (or Found) in Translation

    Michael is a senior studying economics and international relations with a math minor who loves languages. Broadly speaking, he is interested in researching the relation between media and politics across languages and... (more)

  • Ray Lahiri

    Chair, Steering Committee, Undergraduate Humanities Forum

    Classical Studies, Comparative Literature

    College, 2017

    Project: Hic interim liber: Commentary and Tacitus’s Agricola in 19th Century England

    Ray is a Classics and Comparative Literature major concentrating in Languages and Literature and Literary and Cultural Theory. When not wrangling with Greek or Latin syntax, his studies have included political theory... (more)

  • Nathan May

    English, Classics

    College, 2017

    Project: "To Thine Own Self Be True:" Quoting the Shakespearean Maxim from 1600 to the Present

    Hailing from Seattle, Washington, Nathan is a senior in the College majoring in English and Classical Studies. While he enjoys studying literature of all periods, from antiquity to the present, he has focused... (more)

  • Thomas Myers


    College, 2018

    Project: Translating the Event: Aesthetics of the Post-9/11 Disaster Genre

    Thomas Myers is an undergraduate at the University of Pennsylvania studying Art History and English with a concentration in Cinema Studies. His primary areas of interest include American literature after WWII,... (more)

  • Chloe Nurik

    Steering Committee, Undergraduate Humanities Forum


    College, 2017

    Project: Collegiate Masculinity and the Rise of American Youth Culture in the Jazz Age

    Chloe is a senior, majoring in History with minors in English, Classical Studies, and Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies. As a Benjamin Franklin Scholar, she participated in the Integrated Studies Program her... (more)

  • Kyle Tebo


    College, 2017

    Project: Transmission of Greek Philosophical Vocabulary into Latin through Cicero

    Kyle Tebo is a senior from Houston, Texas. He studied International business and Mandarin at The Wharton School before transferring to The College to study philosophy and economics. His research for PHF focuses on... (more)