Kyle Tebo

Penn Humanities Forum Undergraduate Fellow

20162017 Forum on Translation

Kyle Tebo


College, 2017

Kyle Tebo is a senior from Houston, Texas. He studied International business and Mandarin at The Wharton School before transferring to The College to study philosophy and economics. His research for PHF focuses on the subtle differences between Greek Epicureanism in its original language and in Latin translation. He is very excited to be a part of the Penn Humanities Forum this year!

Transmission of Greek Philosophical Vocabulary into Latin through Cicero

This project involves the study of Cicero’s translation into Latin of Epicurean philosophical concepts and terminology. In this analysis I compare Cicero’s translations with the same concepts and terms as they originally appeared in Greek Epicurean texts in order to understand what conceptual changes occurred in translation. I consider the extent to which these changes were due to translation, Cicero’s pro-stoic tendencies and his political agenda. To accomplish this, I first collate the Epicurean terms and concepts that occur in Cicero. I then move onto the Epicurean texts and survey the surviving Epicurean corpus before finding original Epicurean terms and concepts that correspond to Cicero’s translations. I then show how the Epicureans themselves employed the corresponding Greek terms and understood the same concepts.