Graduate Fellows

  • Abigail Cooper


    Project: "Until I Reach My Home": Inside the Refugee Camps of the American Civil War

  • Jeremy Dell


    Project: The Varieties of Reading Experience: Towards a History of Textual Practice in the Western Sahel

  • Tara Fedenrecht


    Project: Rejection of American Exceptionalism: Exploration of Propaganda Visual Tropes Implemented in Peripheral Countries

  • Jessica Hurley


    Project: Living on the Edge of Time: Affects of Apocalypse in the Nuclear Age

  • Zain Lakhani

    Graduate Research Assistant and GHF Chair, 2012–2013


    Project: Encounters Known and Strange: Coercion, Violence and the Politics of Defining Rape in America, 1945-1996

  • Yumi Lee


    Project: Remote Struggles: Borders of the U.S. Cold War, 1950-1959

  • Clifford Mak

    Comparative Literature

    Project: Modernism & the Peripheral Animal

  • Alice McGrath


    Project: Writing from the Margins: Paratext and Authority in Eighteenth-Century Print Culture

  • L. Ruth Rand

    History and Sociology of Science

    Project: A Waste of Space: Satellites, Space Junk, and the Human Encounter with Earth's Planetary Borderlands

  • Gideon Fink Shapiro


    Project: The Promenades of Paris: Constructing Modern Nature, Public Space, and the Image of the City

  • Simran Thadani


    Project: Matter in the Margins of Printed English Handwriting Manuals, 1600-1700