Postdoctoral Fellows

  • Esmeralda Arrizón-Palomera


    Cornell University, 2020

    Project: The Coloniality of Citizenship and the Turn to the Undocumented in Feminist Thought

    Esmeralda Arrizón-Palomera earned her Ph.D. in English Language and Literature from Cornell University in August 2020. She specializes in U.S. Latinx and African American Literature and culture with a focus on race,... (more)

  • Harry Kashdan

    Comparative Literature

    University of Michigan, 2018

    Project: The Neighbor's Table

    Harry Eli Kashdan is a scholar of food culture and migration in the contemporary Mediterranean. He holds a Ph.D. in Comparative Literature from University of Michigan, and was Lauro de Bosis Postdoctoral Fellow in... (more)

  • Neelam Khoja


    Harvard University, 2020

    Project: Competing Sovereignties in Eighteenth-Century South Asia: Afghan Claims to Kingship

    Dr. Neelam Khoja is a transregional and transdisciplinary historian of Persianate Asia. Her research focuses on migration and historically marginalized communities, such as Afghans, slaves, and women, whose networks... (more)

  • Christopher Parmenter


    New York University, 2020

    Project: Racialized Commodities: Long-distance Trade, Mobility, and the Making of Race in Ancient Greece, c. 700-300 BCE

    Christopher Stedman Parmenter is an ancient historian specializing in the intertwined histories of race, culture, and long-distance trade in Archaic and Classical Greece. He received his doctorate in Classics from... (more)

  • Joel Pattison


    University of California, Berkeley, 2019

    Project: Trade and Religious Boundaries in the Medieval Maghrib: Genoese Merchants, their Products, and Islamic Law, 1150–1300

    Joel Pattison is a medieval historian who specializes in the relationship between Italy and the Maghrib during the Late Middle Ages. He is particularly interested in the intersection of religious law and commercial... (more)