Postdoctoral Fellows

  • Liana Brent

    Classical Archaeology

    Project: Corporeal Connections in Roman Burials Practices

    Liana Brent earned her Ph.D. in Classics from Cornell University, where she specialized in Classical Archaeology. Her research interests include Roman funerary archaeology, the reuse of sculpture, and the... (more)

  • Sarah Franzen

    African American Studies, Visual Anthropology, and Development Studies

    Emory University, 2016

    Project: Claiming Place: Race, Property, and the Creation of Family Land

    Sarah Franzen is an anthropologist and filmmaker whose research uncovers how rural African American communities negotiate with, resist, and transform, the political-economic structures that dominate the... (more)

  • Helen Melling

    Latin American Studies

    Project: Contested Visions of African-descent Wet Nurses and Nannies in 18th and 19th century Lima, Peru

    Helen Melling is a scholar of visual culture, whose research focuses on representations of the African diaspora in 18th and 19th century Peru. She is working on her first book, provisionally entitled... (more)

  • Alyssa Miller

    Cultural Anthropology

    Project: Kin-work in a Time of Jihad: Transnational Violence and Transformations in the Tunisian National Family

    Alyssa Miller is an anthropologist whose research centers on questions of youth precarity and social justice in Tunisia and the wider MENA region following the 2011 Arab Spring.  Her work interrogates the... (more)

  • Danielle Taschereau Mamers

    Media Studies

    University of Western Ontario, 2017

    Project: Plains Bison Reintroduction: Recovering Kinship in the Settler Colonial Anthropocene

    Danielle Taschereau Mamers works at the intersections of critical media theory, environmental humanities, and critical Indigenous studies. Her research at Penn examines the entanglement of human and... (more)