Regional Fellows

  • Craig Agule

    Assistant Professors of Philosophy and Religion, Rutgers University-Camden

    Project: Choosing Blame

    Craig K. Agule is an Assistant Professor of Philosophy in the Department of Philosophy & Religion at Rutgers University–Camden. He studies ethics and the criminal law, with particular interest in... (more)

  • Jaclyn Pryor

    Assistant Professor of Integrative Arts, The Pennsylvania State University, Abington College

    Project: "My Heart All Dagger": Theatre, Tragedy, Choice 

    Jaclyn I. Pryor (PhD, University of Texas at Austin) is an Assistant Professor of Theatre at Penn State, Abington. They received their PhD in Theatre from the University of Texas at Austin with an emphasis... (more)

  • Jennifer Riggan

    Professor of International Studies, Department of Historical and Political Studies, Arcadia University

    Project: "My dream is so many things!" The Temporality of Choosing Between Migration and Containment amount Eritrean Refugees in Ethiopia 

    Dr. Jennifer Riggan, Professor of International Studies at Arcadia University, is an interdisciplinary scholar whose work is grounded in educational and political anthropology. Her ethnographic research focuses on... (more)

  • Jonathan Thakkar

    Assistant Professor, Political Science, Swarthmore College

    Project: Socialism as a Normative Ideal

    Jonny Thakkar is an assistant professor of Political Science at Swarthmore College, having previously taught at Princeton University and the University of British Columbia. He is also one of the founding... (more)