Regional Fellows

  • Talissa Ford

    Assistant Professor, English, Temple University

    Project: "We Come From the Sea": A Pirate Revolution

  • Giovanna Faleschini Lerner

    Assistant Professor, Italian, Franklin & Marshall College

    Project: Spaces of Adaptation in Contemporary Italian Cinema

  • Tamara Neuman

    Visiting Assistant Professor, Anthropology, Bryn Mawr College

    Project: Seizing Zion: A Cultural Account of Religious Adaptation and Jewish Settlement over the Green Line

  • Paul J. Patterson

    Assistant Professor, English, Saint Joseph's University

    Project: Mirror to Devout People (Speculum devotorum): An Edition

  • Pierce Salguero

    Assistant Professor, Asian History, Penn State University (Abington College)

    Project: Buddhist Medicine in Medieval China: Translation as Adaptation in Historical Context

  • Sally Scholz

    Professor, Philosophy, Villanova University

    Project: Feminist Adaptations in the Wake of Globalization

  • Ian Verstegen

    Director of Graduate Studies; Art Education, Interior Design, Studio Art; Moore College of Art & Design

    Project: Cognitive Glue and the Veneration and Destruction of Images