Penn Faculty Fellows

  • Eiichiro Azuma

    Alan Charles Kors Term Associate Professor of History and Asian American Studies

    Project: Adaptive Imperialism: Transpacific Migration and Japan's Agrarian Settler Colonialism

  • Linda Chance

    Associate Professor of Japanese Studies

    Project: Pillow Notes or Tedium's Leaves? Authorizing Expression in Japanese Literary Traditions

  • Michael Gamer

    Associate Professor of English, Comparative Literature, and Italian

    Project: iPhone Austen and xBox Dante: When Adaptation Becomes a Game

  • David Grazian

    Associate Professor of Sociology

    Project: From Menagerie to Conservation Center: The Adaptations of City Zoos in the United States

  • Ayako Kano

    Associate Professor of Modern Japanese Literature

    Project: Religion, Politics, and Sexuality in Euro-American Adaptations of a Classical Japanese Performance Genre

  • Karen Redrobe

    Elliot and Roslyn Jaffe Professor of Cinema and Modern Media

    Project: Animating Analog Histories: Cinema, Photography and the Adaptive Pressure of New Media