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Humanities-at-Large programs feature collaborations with groups from across Penn and Philadelphia as well as other humanities happenings cosponsored by the Wolf Center. 
Please refer to individual event pages for full event details. For questions or concerns about accessibility, please feel free to contact the Wolf Humanities Center by email or phone (215.573.8280).

Past Events

J.T. Fraser
William Vollman
James Welch
Daniel K. Richter
Gary Ross
David Landes
Felipe Fernández-Armesto
Anonymous 4
Mary Carruthers
Eighth Blackbird
Hans Christian von Baeyer
Sandra Rosenthal
Stephen Houston
Matthew Restall
Charles Golden
Jonathan Weiner
Jeffrey Kallberg
Eugene Narmour
Chrstine Poggi
Rosemary Stevens
Susan Stewart
Neville Strumpf
John Trojanowski