Time and Space, Memory and Place

March 1, 2002 (Friday) / 5:00 pmMarch 2, 2002 (Saturday) / 6:15 pm

3619 Locust Walk, Philadelphia

Time and Space, Memory and Place

Second Annual Graduate Humanities Forum Conference

Friday, March 1

Keynote Address
J. Paul Hunter, The Necessity - and Perils - of Interdisciplinarity
Franke Professor of English Language and Literature, University of Chicago

6:00-8:00p | Reception

Saturday, March 2

9:00a | Welcome and Introductions

Dr. Eugene Narmour
Acting Director, Penn Humanities Forum

Stephanie Harzewski
Graduate Humanities Forum

Session 1
Multimedia Memory

Kristina Morris Baumli
Drowned in History: Benjamin, Allegory, and The Sound and the Fury

Brian Gregory
"I'm So Anxious to See Renfro Valley": Longing, Memory, and Desire in the Aural Landscape of Early Commercial Country Music

Gul Kacmaz
Architecture, Computer and Film: The Virtual House of Thomas

Michael Wiedorn
Absence and Memory in Patrick Modiano's "Rue des Boutiques Obscures"

Session 2
The Science of Time, the Time of Science

Nathan Jun
Late Latin and Medieval Conceptualizations of Time

Sayumi Takahashi
Of Bookworms and Wormholes: Writing Time and the Self in Post-Einsteinian Narrative

Kent Schmor Rudolph
Can There Be Objective Truth?

Cynthia Port
Accounting for Time: Virginia Woolf's Economies of Aging


Session 3
Spatial Struggles: Locating Self and Other

Jeremy Braddock
Pound's Other "Profile": Anthology as Autobiography

Katherine Paugh
Midwifery and Bodily Familiarity: The Dynamics of Contested Gendered Space

Dierdra Reber
Novelistic Reality as an Alternative to Dictatorship: Diamela Eltit's Theoretically Based Lumpérica

Session 4
Philadelphia and Its Spaces: Critical R
egionalism in the City of Neighborhoods

a discussion with Kwali Farbes, Rosina Miller, Steven Reynolds, and Cory Thorne

Session 5
Generation to Generation: The Creation of Cultural Continuity

Luther Adams
"No Room For Possum or Crawfish": African-American Migration and the Civil Rights Movement in Louisville, Kentucky 1930-1960

Yasmine Al- Saleh
The North African Qur'an: Questions of Identity in the 21st Century

Isabel Taube
Assembling the Cultural Past: The Role of Memory in William Merritt Chase's Studio Images

Session 6
Controlling Political Memory

Gordana-Dana Grozdanic
Handke and Others: Literary Responses to the Wars in Former Yugoslavia

Yanna Yannakakis
New Frameworks for Understanding Space and Power in Colonial Mexico

Mark Sample
"Known but to God"(and DNA): Disturbing the Memory of the Tomb of the Unknown


Session 7

Producing Urban Spaces

Robert P. Fairbanks, II
Blighted Spaces and the Politics of Everyday Life: Imagining Ethnographic Possibilities

Liz Greenspan
Seeing `Ground Zero': Access and Memorialization at the World Trade Center Site

James Saporito
Bourdieu and Lefebvre: Comparative Views of the Dialectic of Social Time and Social Space

Session 8
The Body as a Site of Memory
a roundtable with

Shannon Geary, Cynthia Port, Veronica Aplenc, Alexine Fleck, Jonathan Hsy, Martha Schoolman, Christopher Scott, Sue Sun Yom, Emily Zinn, Seran Schug, Lance Wahlert, Christopher Scott Lawinski.

Readings for this discussion are available at the Humanities Forum desk.


Session 9
Notions of Time in Non-Western Cultural Discourse

Michael Hesson
"Time for You and Time for Me": Daylight Saving Time and Identity in Yucatán

Melissa Kerin
"The Wheel of Time": Reflections on a Tibetan Buddhist Thangka

John Nemec
Manifesting Shiva: Vyavahara in Somananda's "Shivadrishti" (The Vision of Shiva)


Session 10
Interdisciplinarity in the Humanities
a conversation with

Dr. J. Paul Hunter, English

Dr. Ann Moyer, History

Dr. Joe Farrell, Classics (Dean of GSAS)

Dr. Eugene Narmour, Music