Undergraduate Fellows

  • Cristina Alberto

    Cinema/Visual Studies

    College '06

    Project: A Way of Seeing What Can Be Seen:" Visual Perception in Avant Garde Cinema

  • Brian Anderson

    Biochemistry & Biological Basis of Behavior

    College '07

    Project: Entheogenic Visions: The Sacred Union of Word & Image

  • Valentina Assenova

    Fine Arts & Finance

    College & Wharton '08

    Project: Vladimir Dimitrov and the Bulgarian Madonna: Creed, Criticism, Propaganda

  • Sarah Breger

    History (Jewish)

    College '07

    Project: The Contemporary Haggadot: Interrelations Between Text and Iconography

  • Lisa Bubbers

    Visual Studies, Art & Culture

    College '06

    Project: The Curatorial Voice in Contemporary Art

  • Janine Catalano

    English, Art History

    College '06

    Project: Visual Arts in the Poetry of T.S. Eliot

  • Maggie Chang

    Visual Studies, Psychology

    College '06

    Project: Made in the USA: Rewriting Images of the Asian Fetish

  • Rebekah Flake

    German Studies, Visual Studies

    College '06

    Project: A Different Kind of Gallery: Artists' Books as Exhibition Spaces

  • Tara Krueger

    Urban Studies, History of Science

    College '06

    Project: CartoGraphica

  • Gerard Leone

    Art History, Philosophy

    College '07

    Project: Architecture's Confrontation with Postmodernity

  • Ruth McAdams

    English, German, Music

    College '06

    Project: Jonson and Spenser: English in Dialogue with the Past

  • Tara Mendola

    Comparative Literature, Literary Theory

    College '06

    Project: From the Odalisque to the Chador: Representations of North African Women

  • Claudia Moser

    Classical Studies, Archaeology

    College '06

    Project: The Phallus: An Apotropaic Symbol in Ancient Rome

  • Jon Passaro

    English, Philosophy

    College '06

    Project: Reducing the Round Table: Visual and Textual Narrative Redaction in Medieval Arthurian Romance

  • Lindsey Schneider

    Women's Studies, Communication

    College '06

    Project: The Grotesque, Grinning Tyro in Wyndham Lewis's Tarr

  • Kelly Sloane


    College '06

    Project: Epic Illustrations: Vergil's Aeneid in the Vergilius Vaticanus

  • Wun Ting Wendy Tai

    Fine Arts, Art History

    College '08

    Project: From Pictogram to Pinyin. . .And Beyond

  • Connie Yang

    Fine Arts

    College '06

    Project: Redux: Graphic Novels Detached from Words