Postdoctoral Fellows

  • Susie Hatmaker

    Cultural Anthropology

    University of Minnesota Twin Cities, 2014

    Project:  Ecologies of Translation: Material Worlds of Silica, Silicon, and Silicosis

    Susie Hatmaker is interested in the valuation and transformation of matter as site of socio-cultural change. At the Humanities Forum, she will conduct research for a book project titled Silica,... (more)

  • Leon J. Hilton

    Performance Studies, Comparative Literature, Film Studies, Disability Studies, Gender and Sexuality Studies

    New York University, 2015

    Project: Gesture, Wander, Trace: Fernand Deligny’s Translational Cartographies

    Leon J. Hilton received his PhD from the Department of Performance Studies at New York University in 2016. His research focuses on modern and contemporary theater and performance; disability studies; feminist and... (more)

  • Judith Kaplan

    History of Science

    University of Wisconsin, Madison, 2012

    Project: Machine Translation and the Postwar Development of Linguistics

    Judy Kaplan is a cultural and intellectual historian of the human sciences with a special interest in the history of linguistic research. At the Forum, she will be developing her book manuscript in progress, Big Data... (more)

  • Brian P. Long


    University of Notre Dame, 2016

    Project: The Translation and Reception of Arabic Medicine in Eleventh- and Twelfth-Century Italy and Byzantium

    Brian Long is an intellectual and cultural historian of the medieval Mediterranean. His work focuses on the production and reception of medical and scientific translations from Arabic into Latin and Greek in the... (more)

  • Avery Slater

    Assistant Professor of English, University of Toronto
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    Cornell University, 2014

    Project: Apparatus Poetica: Poetry and Translation in the Age of Machine Language

    Avery Slater's work investigates the role of technology in re-conceptualizing human and nonhuman forms of linguistic creativity. She will spend the year at the Penn Humanities Forum completing her first book,... (more)