Penn Faculty Fellows

  • Etienne Benson

    Janice and Julian Bers Assistant Professor in the Social Sciences, History and Sociology of Science, University of Pennsylvania

    Project: The Earth without History: Matter and Time in the Science of Landforms

    Etienne Benson is an Assistant Professor in History and Sociology of Science at Penn. His research and teaching interests center on environmental history, animal history, and the history of the environmental sciences... (more)

  • Catriona MacLeod

    Edmund J. and Louise W. Kahn Term Professor of Germanic Languages & Literatures, University of Pennsylvania

    Project: Romantic Scraps: Cutouts, Collages, and Inkblots

    Catriona MacLeod is Edmund J. and Louise W. Kahn Term Professor in the Department of Germanic Languages & Literatures at Penn.  The author of Embodying Ambiguity: Androgyny and Aesthetics from Winckelmann to... (more)

  • Sophia Rosenfeld

    Walter H. Annenberg Professor of History, University of Pennsylvania

    Project: “The Choices We Make: The Roots of Modern Freedom”

    Sophia Rosenfeld is Walter H. Annenberg Professor of History at Penn, where she teaches European intellectual and cultural history with a special emphasis on the Enlightenment, the trans-Atlantic Age of Revolutions,... (more)

  • Donovan Schaefer

    Assistant Professor of Religious Studies, University of Pennsylvania

    Project: Moving Statues: Affect Theory, Material Culture, and Public Memorials

    Donovan Schaefer joined the Department of Religious Studies as an assistant professor in 2017, after spending three years as a lecturer at the University of Oxford. He earned his B.A. in the interdisciplinary... (more)

  • Jorge Téllez

    Assistant Professor of Romance Languages, University of Pennsylvania

    Project: Colonial Collections: Value, Objects, and Narratives of the Past in Contemporary Mexico

    Jorge Téllez is Assistant Professor of Romance Languages in the Department of Hispanic and Portuguese Studies at the University of Pennsylvania. His work centers on the colonial period in Latin America, with emphasis... (more)

  • Dagmawi Woubshet

    Ahuja Family Presidential Associate Professor of English, University of Pennsylvania

    Project: Neglected Stuff: James Baldwin’s Late Style

    Dagmawi Woubshet is the Ahuja Family Presidential Associate Professor of English. A scholar of African American literature and art, he works at the intersections of African American, LGBTQ, and African studies. He is... (more)