Undergraduate Fellows

  • Dhivya Arasappan

    Health & Societies and Biology

    CAS, 2024

    Project: A Climate-Health Revolution: Examining Novel Framings of Climate Change as a Health Crisis

    Dhivya Arasappan is a senior in the College of Arts & Sciences from Berwyn, Pennsylvania. She is studying Health & Societies and Biology with a minor in Creative Writing. Dhivya comes from a multidisciplinary... (more)

  • Victoria Avanesov

    Comparative Literature, Art History

    CAS, 2026

    Project: Victory Over the Sun: Reimagining Russian Suprematist Works Through Visual and Linguistic Reconstruction

    Victoria Avanesov is a sophomore in the College of Arts & Sciences from Erie, Pennsylvania. She is pursuing a degree in Comparative Literature, Art History, with a minor in Philosophy. Victoria's primary academic... (more)

  • Sergio Emilio Carballido Murcio


    CAS, 2026

    Project: La Santa Muerte: a revolution to Mexico’s popular religiosity and its national identity.

    Sergio is a Religious Studies and Mathematical Economics major passionate about understanding society, cultures, and how people find meaning in things, ideals or beings. One of his dearest quotes is from Hopscotch by... (more)

  • Jiayi Li

    Intellectual History and Economics

    CAS, 2025

    Project: Translating the Marxist Teleology into Rural China: The Conceptualization of the ‘Feudal Relation of Land’ and the Agrarian Revolution under the United Front, 1924-1927

    Jiayi Li is a junior in the College of Arts and Sciences. Originally from Beijing, he went to high school in Tennessee before coming to Penn. Currently, he is majoring in Intellectual History and Economics with a... (more)

  • Olivia McClary


    CAS, 2024

    Project: "A Bootleg Trade": Economics, Entrepreneurship, and Criminality in Birth Control Advertising, 1920-1940

    Liv McClary is a rising senior in the College of Arts and Sciences. Pursuing a degree in History and Religious Studies, she is the Editor-in-Chief of the Penn History Review, a member of HUAB (History Undergraduate... (more)

  • Jean Paik


    CAS, 2024

    Project: Free(dom) Zones: The Gendered Labor and Revolts of Korean Women Factory Workers

    Jean Paik is a senior in the College of Arts & Sciences from Valencia, California. She is studying English with a concentration in 20th and 21st-century literature. Her research interests include the... (more)

  • Liam Phillips

    Comparative Literature, Russian and East European Studies

    CAS, 2024

    Project: In Search of a New Russian Readership: Communal Experience and Literary Form in Mikhail Kuzmin’s Wings

    Liam is a senior in the College of Arts and Sciences pursuing a degree in Comparative Literature and Russian and East European Studies. He is from Philadelphia. Liam is interested in 19th century and early 20th... (more)

  • Tova Tachau

    Biochemistry and Comparative Literature

    CAS, 2025

    Project: Embryos of Possibility in Malevich and Khlebnikov: Russian Futurist Revolutions Beyond Time, Space, and Language, 1913-1917

    Tova is a junior in the College of Arts and Sciences studying Biochemistry and Comparative Literature. Her research interests encompass total organic synthesis and drug discovery alongside the Russian Avant-Garde,... (more)

  • Hertha Torre Gallego

    Health and Societies, Hispanic Studies

    CAS, 2024

    Project: A Partial Revolution: Engaging with realities of abortion reform in Argentina

    Hertha is a senior in the College of Arts and Sciences double majoring in Hispanic Studies and Health and Societies, with concentrations in Global Health and Public Health. Originally from Madrid, Spain, her research... (more)

  • Zhangyang (Charlie) Xie

    Africana Studies; Science, Technology, and Society

    CAS, 2024

    Project: Grappling Culture: How the Black Panther Party Addressed Colonial and Urban Anxieties through Martial Arts

    Zhangyang is a senior majoring in Africana Studies and Science, Technology, and Society. A student of diverse academic interests, his past research focused on religion, history of science, and race. His recent... (more)

  • Alex Yim


    CAS, 2025

    Project: Kubo: Korean Flâneurs as Anti-Colonial Artistic and Political Emblems

    Alex Yim (he/him) is a junior in the College of Arts and Sciences from Orlando majoring in English. His primary research rests in postcolonialism, the theory of the novel, and the practice of literary criticism. Some... (more)

  • Yijian (Davie) Zhou

    Philosophy and Psychology

    CAS, 2024

    Project: Revolutionary Subjectivity

    Davie Zhou is a senior in College of Arts and Sciences from Philadelphia. He is majoring in Philosophy. He is interested in philosophy of race, philosophy of art, and history of philosophy. He is especially... (more)