Victoria Avanesov

Wolf Humanities Center Undergraduate Fellow

20232024 Forum on Revolution

Victoria Avanesov

Comparative Literature, Art History

CAS, 2026

Victoria Avanesov is a sophomore in the College of Arts & Sciences from Erie, Pennsylvania. She is pursuing a degree in Comparative Literature, Art History, with a minor in Philosophy. Victoria's primary academic interest lies in the realm of aesthetics and the dissemination of artistic expression to a broader, mass audience. In exploring this interest, Victoria immerses herself in trying to understand various artistic forms, including my not limited to painting, drawing, music, theatre, and literature. Her research is dedicated to probing the communicability of these various media across different historical epochs, encompassing a spectrum of artistic movements, and examining how these movements can be contextualized in the modern era. In her free time, she enjoys reading, drawing, and taking nature walks.

Victory Over the Sun: Reimagining Russian Suprematist Works Through Visual and Linguistic Reconstruction

This two-part research project aims to conduct a linguistic and visual analysis of Victory Over the Sun, the “first futurist opera.” The linguistic analysis focues on the difficulties encountered in translating the zaum linguistic style, of which was utilized by the opera's writers to experiment with a "universalizing" form of language. Using these tenets, my research will aim to determine the most appropriate manner of translation in a future English reproduction of Victory Over the Sun and other Suprematist works. The visual analysis aims to reimagine the antirealist approach of Kazimir Malevich's costume design and to investigate whether the Suprematist idea of "breaking tradition" has remained consistent through a quantitative visual analysis.