Penn Faculty Fellows

  • Cynthia Damon

    Professor of Classical Studies

    Project: Plinian Layers

  • Jeffrey E. Green

    Asst Professor of Political Science

    Project: Reconnecting to the People: Beyond the Metaphorics of the People’s Voice

  • Cam Grey

    Asst Professor of Classical Studies

    Project: Social Networks Within and Between Rural Communities in the Late Roman World

  • Annette Yoshiko Reed

    Asst Professor of Religious Studies

    Project: Towards a History of “Jewish-Christianity”: Judaism, the Apostolic Past, and the Pseudo-Clementines

  • Heather J. Sharkey

    Associate Professor, Department of Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations

    Project: Muslims, Christians, and Jews in the Modern Middle East: Cultures in Contact or Conflict?

  • Rupa Viswanath

    Asst Professor of South Asia Studies

    Project: The Historical Foundations of Indian Secularism: the Administration of “Untouchables” in Colonial Madras