Annette Yoshiko Reed

Andrew W. Mellon Penn Faculty Fellow in the Humanities

20092010 Forum on Connections

Annette Yoshiko Reed

Asst Professor of Religious Studies

Towards a History of “Jewish-Christianity”: Judaism, the Apostolic Past, and the Pseudo-Clementines

This project investigates the intersections between Judaism and Christianity through a focus on the Pseudo-Clementines, the most famous first-hand sources for so-called “Jewish-Christianity.” First, I examine these texts in their late antique Syrian cultural contexts. I situate their distinctive perspectives on the Jewish/apostolic past among attempts by Christian and “pagan” Syrians to articulate trans-imperial identities that spoke to their experiences on the shifting eastern frontier of the Roman Empire and at the crossing of multiple long-distance trade routes. Then, I turn to their early modern reception, considering how the Pseudo-Clementines served as a nexus for debates about the nature of the connections between the (Jewish/apostolic) past and the (Christian) present – debates sparked and intensified, as in Late Antiquity, by new economic and political links between Eurasian cultures.