Mind Your Stuff!

Mind Your Stuff!

Penn Sustainability Student Eco-Reps Project, 2018-19

The Wolf Humanities Center is delighted to collaborate with Penn Sustainability's Student Eco-Reps, an environmental leadership program for students interested in advancing sustainability through the implementation of campus-based projects.

We invite you to join us this year, as we encourage everyone to "Mind your Stuff!" We've been working on minimizing consumption and waste by composting leftover food in our Williams Hall space and integrating sustainability messaging in our Forum on Stuff promotions with monthly "Green Tips" and surveys.


  • Use reusable food containers, water bottles, and mugs – it all adds up!
  • Green Tip: Buy less or buy secondhand when shopping for clothing and furniture. Consider donating old or unused material.
  • Compost your food waste. Sign up for monthly composting pickup (in Philly, Bennett Compost and Circle Compost) or set up a bin in your backyard.
  • As the season’s cold continues to bite, we experience a net increase in carbon emissions due to increased electricity and gas used for heating. Keep an eye on your consumption throughout the season. Curious about your carbon footprint? Visit footprintcalculator.org.

Sophia Leporte (SAS '19)
Sophia is a senior from California. She is studying Philosophy, Politics, and Economics. She strongly believes that small, individual changes to more sustainable practices can help build a better future for the environment, and is excited to continue promoting such changes as an Eco-Rep this year. In her free time, she can be found drinking absurd amounts of tea or eating Thai food.


Sophie ThorelSophie Thorel (WH & SEAS '21)
Sophie is a sophomore studying Systems engineering and OIDD, with a special interest in sustainable energy. She is a huge proponent of outdoors activities, sports and nature.