Postdoctoral Fellows

  • Kinga Araya

    Independent Scholar

    Art History, Visual Arts

    Concordia University

    Project: Walking in Exile

  • John Ghazvinian

    Contract Author, Harcourt Trade Publishers


    Oxford University

    Project: “A certaine tickling humour”: Passport Records and the Re-Fashioning of English Foreign Travel, 1560–1660

  • Susan Lepselter

    Instructor, Social Anthropology, New York University

    University of Texas at Austin

    Project: The Abduction of Memory: American Stories of Captivity, Travel, and Conversion

  • Neil Safier

    Assistant Professor, History, U Michigan


    Johns Hopkins University

    Project: From Brazilian Bioprospector to Masonic Revolutionary: The Extraordinary Transatlantic Career of Hipólito José da Costa (1774–1823)

  • Edlie Wong

    Assistant Professor, English, Rutgers

    University of California, Berkeley

    Project: Fugitive and Foreigner: Cultures of Travel in the Black Atlantic, 1830–1865