Kinga Araya

Andrew W. Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow in the Humanities

20062007 Forum on Travel

Kinga Araya

Independent Scholar

Art History, Visual Arts

Concordia University

Walking in Exile

Walking in Exile will be a study of travel by foot performed by contemporary artists who live and work in North America. Taking into consideration the history of black people walking in the United States towards freedom, as well as diverse international walks against political and social injustice, Dr. Araya will select and examine seven to nine travels by foot performed by contemporary exiles who for different personal, political, or economic reasons were forced to leave their native countries and came to live in major cities in North America. Particularly interested in their walking performances conceptualized as exilic works of art, she will consider diverse forms of walking art that could involve sculptural, music, dance, audio, video, and other new media elements. How did some exiled people choose the most humble act, such as walking, to communicate the intense history of personal, geographical, and cultural displacements, thus helping us to redefine the phenomenon of global human displacement? (Dr. Araya's homepage.)