Regional Fellows

  • Rodolfo Celis

    Adjunct Professor of English, Beaver College

    Project: Cooperative Basis of Linguistic Style

  • Suzanne Conway

    Associate Professor of Art History, Chestnut Hill College

    Project: Confluence of Neoclassicism and Romanticism as Embodied in Hubert Robert's Dairies at Versailles and Rambouillet

  • Richard Eldridge

    Professor & Chair of Philosophy, Swarthmore College

    Project: Music, Mind, and Modernity

  • Rebekah Kowal

    Assistant Professor of English, Haverford College

    Project: Social and Political Significance of the Fifties and Early Sixties in American Modern Dance History

  • Julian Yates

    Assistant Professor of English, University of Delaware

    Project: Eating Well, Or, Keeping Food on the Table in Renaissance Studies