Undergraduate Fellows

  • Katherine Busch

    Moral and Political Philosophy

    CAS, 2023

    Project: An Exploration of the Ethical Foundations of Citizenship

    Katie Busch is a junior in the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Pennsylvania. She majors in political and moral philosophy and has interests in English and cognitive science. Katie is interested in... (more)

  • Nicolas Fonseca

    Comparative Literature; Latin American Studies

    CAS, 2022

    Project: Tercer Cine, Otra Vez: Subversive Pedagogy and Nomadism in Latin American Film

    Nico Fonseca is a senior from Ft. Lauderdale, FL studying Comparative Literature and Latin American/Latinx Studies. He is interested in the revolutionary possibilities of film and filmmaking, particularly materialist... (more)

  • Brendan Lui

    Political Science

    CAS, 2022

    Project: Called In, Kept Out: Explaining variation in construction trade union behavior towards migrant workers in the advanced industrial democracies

    Brendan Lui is a senior in the College majoring in Political Science. He is a Wolf Humanities Undergraduate Fellow and an undergraduate grant recipient with the Andrea Mitchell Center for the Study of Democracy. His... (more)

  • Caitlyn Marentette

    Chair, Wolf Undergraduate Humanities Forum

    South Asia Studies

    CAS, 2022

    Project: How Masses Mobilize: The Bangla/Urdu Divide in Pakistan, 1947–1971

    Caitlyn is an undergraduate senior from Tennessee majoring in South Asia Studies at the College of Arts and Sciences. Her research interests broadly center on modern South Asian history, with topical interests in... (more)

  • Claire Nguyễn

    History; Minors in Asian American Studies and English

    CAS, 2022

    Project: (Dis)placed: A Story of the War on Southeast Asian Refugee Youth in Philadelphia from 1975-2000

    A senior studying History with minors in Asian American Studies and English, Claire Nguyễn is a Wolf Humanities Fellow and an Andrea Mitchell Center Fellow for the 2021-2022 school year. She immerses herself in... (more)

  • Chinaza Ruth Okonkwo

    Philosophy; History

    CAS, 2022

    Project: The Great Migration: Igbo Movement, Indigeneity, and Identity

    Chinaza Ruth Okonkwo is majoring in philosophy and history with concentrations in moral and political philosophy and world history and minors in Africana Studies, Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies, and... (more)

  • Dana Raphael

    French & Francophone Studies; Neuroscience; Minor in Chemistry

    CAS, 2022

    Project: At the Crossroads of Life and Death: The Migration of Memories in Holocaust-era France from the Past to the Present

    (Research Fellowship, Fall 2021 only)

    Dana Raphael is a senior double-majoring in French and Francophone Studies and Neuroscience, with a minor in Chemistry. Her research as part of the Wolf Humanities... (more)

  • Christopher Schiller

    Comparative Literature; Philosophy, Politics, and Economics; Minor in French and Francophone Studies

    CAS, 2022

    Project: The Vagabond Novelist: Roberto Bolaño's Migrant-Artists and the Global Novel

    Chris Schiller is a senior from New York City studying Comparative Literature and Philosophy, Politics, and Economics, and minoring in French and Francophone Studies. His research focuses on narratives of migration,... (more)

  • Samuel Strickberger

    History; Minors in Survey Research and Data Analytics

    CAS, 2022

    Project: The Jewish Orthodox Race-Based Slavery Debates, 1848–1861

    Sam Strickberger, a senior in the College of Arts and Sciences, majors in intellectual history and minors in survey research and data analytics. His history honors thesis, “Covenent in Crisis: The Jewish Orthodox... (more)