Undergraduate Fellows

  • Sharese C. Bullock

    Perspectives in Humanities
    Communications, Spanish

    SAS '00

    Project: Global Hip-Hop Studies

  • Jed Gross

    Perspectives in Humanities
    History, Sociology

    SAS '02

    Project: From ‘The Protestant Ethic’ to ‘Work Hard, Play Hard:’ Conceptions of Work and Play in Western Civilization

  • Jane H. Hill

    Perspectives in Humanities

    SAS '00

    Project: How have Philadelphia’s fiction writers historically portrayed Philadelphia as an urban space and as a home? How do different people identify with and construct their own space, place, and community?

  • David M. Muir

    Persepectives in Humanities

    SAS/Wh '01

    Project: Moving Mainstream? A Reappraisal of the ‘Body Modification’ Renaissance

  • Tamara J. Walker

    Perspectives in Humanities
    Spanish, Latin American Studies

    SAS '00

    Project: Belonging Here: Immigration and National Identity in 20th Century Argentina

  • Andrew W. Zitcer

    Perespectives in Humanities
    English, Religious Studies

    SAS '00

    Project: A study of the mystical element of music performance in religious rituals, especially in Judaism and Islam