Regional Fellows

  • Alan Baker

    Assoc Professor of Philosophy, Swarthmore College

    Project: The Network Perspective

  • Peter Gaffney

    Visiting Asst Professor, Haverford College

    Project: Connectionism and Ontological Realism

  • Emily Hage

    Asst Professor of Art History, St. Joseph's University

    Project: International Venues of Exchange: Dada Art Journals, 1916-1926

  • Rachel W. Hall

    Assoc Professor of Mathematics, St. Joseph's University

    Project: The Sound of Numbers: A Tour of Mathematical Music Theory

  • Deborah Harrold

    Lecturer, Political Science, Bryn Mawr College

    Project: Algeria Reconnecting: Cultural and Political Imagination after Civil War

  • Jennifer Hirsh

    Asst Professor of Art History, Maryland Institute College of Art

    Project: Transmissions of Fascism: Broadcasting, Bonifica, and the Built Environment

  • Grace M. Ledbetter

    Assoc Professor of Classics and Philosophy, Swarthmore College

    Project: Ballet and the Greeks

  • Timothy McCall

    Asst Professor of Art History, Villanova University

    Project: Art, Gender, and Chivalric Masculinity in Early Renaissance Italy

  • James B. Salazar

    Asst Professor of English, Temple University

    Project: Captivating Arabia: Echoes of the Barbary Captivity Narrative in Nineteenth-Century American Literature and Culture

  • Elly R. Truitt

    Asst Professor of History, Bryn Mawr College

    Project: Magical Mechanisms: Automata in the Medieval West