Undergraduate Fellows

  • Wiktoria Bielska

    Classical Studies, Biology

    College '04

    Project: Scientific Method and Hippocratic Corpus

  • Molly Collins

    Health and Societies

    College '04

    Project: Death and Dying in the United States: Intersections between Medicine, Spirituality, Science, and Religion

  • Erin Douglas

    Political Science

    College '04

    Project: Good versus Evil in U.S.-North Korean Relations

  • Rebekah Flake

    German, Visual Studies

    College '05

    Project: Lens on the Mennonites: What Words Can't Say

  • Susanne Flood

    Philosophy, English

    College '05

    Project: Platinga and Hume: Is Belief Justified?

  • Mary Le Gierse


    College & GAS '04

    Project: Religion and the German Enlightenment

  • Lynn Huang

    Penn Humanities Forum Undergraduate Coordinating Research Fellow


    College '04

    Project: Shooting Awry to Hit the Mark: George Gascoigne's Alternative Ethic of Representation

  • Eric Knibbs


    College '04

    Project: An Apocalypse Commentary Attributed to Alcuin

  • Julia Leah Koprak


    College '04

    Project: Seeing as Believing, Believing as Seeing: Santeria

  • Joohoo Lee


    College, 2004

    Project: Building Calvin’s Geneva

  • Swii Yii Lim

    Classical Studies, English

    College '04

    Project: Written on the Body: The Martyred Body as "Text" in Early Christianity

  • Paul Samuelson


    College '04

    Project: An Exploration of Beckett's Characters through the Psychoanalytic Theories of W.R. Bion

  • Dan Shu

    Classical Studies

    College '04

    Project: Reception of Epic Poetry in Dante's Inferno and Milton's Paradise Lost

  • Nicholas Zwang

    Intellectual History

    College '04

    Project: Individualist Anarchism and 19th-Century America