The Wandering Chef

January 10, 2021 (Sunday) / 2:00 pm


The Wandering Chef

Dir. Hye-ryoung Park (2019)

Known as the “Wandering Chef”, Jiho Im treks throughout the Korean peninsula in search of unique ingredients. While on the road, he’s inspired to undertake a formidable challenge: conceiving and cooking 108 dishes in 24 hours. Designed as a culinary representation of the 108 agonies of life in Buddhism, this meal is also a loving tribute to his adoptive mother.

Film to be followed by discussion with Dahye Kim, Moon Family Postdoctoral Fellow in Korean Studies, James Joo-Jin Kim Program for Korean Studies.

Presented by Penn Museum and cosponsored by Penn's Center for East Asian Studies; Cinema and Media Studies Program; James Joo-Jin Kim Program for Korean Studies; and Wolf Humanities Center; and Philadelphia Asian American Film and Filmmakers.