The Lady and Her Monkey

November 9, 2013 (Saturday) / 11:30 am

Art Institute of Chicago, Fullerton Hall
111 South Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL

The Lady and Her Monkey

Chi-ming Yang

Associate Professor of English and Asian American Studies
University of Pennsyvlania

The Penn Humanities Forum continues its association with the Chicago Humanities Festival this year, whose theme for 2013 is Animal: What Makes Us Human.

It's London, circa 1750, and every fashionable upper-class woman's indispensable accessory is an exotic Asian animal. Nothing went better with a nice piece of porcelain than a monkey, dog, or bird. University of Pennsylvania professor Chi-ming Yang, an expert on the history of Europe's fascination with Asia, discusses the meanings and representations of Chinese animals and goods in 18th-century Great Britain and uncovers the true history of an enduring modern favorite, the pug.