Form and Transform

March 23, 2012 (Friday) / 9:15 am4:15 pm

Nevil Classroom, Penn Museum

Form and Transform

13th Annual Undergraduate Humanities Forum Research Conference

8:45–9:15a | REGISTRATION

9:15–9:30a | OPENING (RE)MARKS
David Dunning and Darina Shtrakhman, Steering Committee and Mellon Research Fellows, UHF
James English, Director, PHF; Professor of English
Heather Sharkey, Faculty Advisor, UHF; Associate Professor of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations

9:30–11:00a | (Con) Template
Respondent: Vijay Balasubramanian, Merriam Term Professor of Physics

   David Dunning, CAS, 2012; Mathematics and English
Alain Badiou and the Adaptation of Set Theory

   Sarah Heinz, CAS, 2012; English
Birthing a Monster: The Invention of Melodrama in the Romantic Period

    Noelle Li-Zhen Tay, CAS, 2012; Architecture
Modern Visual Culture in Shanghai – The Hybrid Gaze

    Alex Zhang, CAS, 2012; Intellectual History, Classical Languages and Literature and Philosophy
Plotinus and the Platonic Tradition

11:00a–12:30p | (Extra) Ordinary
Respondent: Lucas Wood, Comparative Literature; Mellon Research Fellow, Graduate Humanities Forum

    Molly Armstrong, CAS, 2012; English and Creative Writing
Edwidge Danticat & Junot Díaz: A Study of Caribbean Dissent and Descent Through Writing

     Thadeus Dowad, CAS, 2012; Art History
Taking Barbs at Masterpieces: Pun and Palimpsest in Marcel Duchamp's L.H.O.O.Q.

     Myles Karp, CAS, 2012; Anthropology
Dubstep, Darwin, and the Prehistoric Invention of Music

     Katharine Panarese, CAS, 2012; English
The Unadaptable Bridget: Adaptation of Diary Fiction to Film

1:00–2:30p | (Origin) Nation
Respondent: David Eisenhower, Director, Institute for Public Service, Annenberg School

     Emily Kern, CAS, 2012; History
“Civilizing” China: Samuel Wells Williams and The Middle Kingdom in 1848 and 1883

     Zachary Propert, CAS, 2012; Comparative Literature and French Studies
Malian Media (Mal)Adaptations

     Darina Shtrakhman, CAS, 2012; Political Science
The Anglo-American Prime Minister: Winston Churchill as a Scholar of Gibbon and Lincoln

     Anna Vinogradov, CAS, 2012; History
Religion or Nation? The Jewish Identities of Soviet Immigrants in the U.S.

2:30–4:00p | (Sense) Ability
Respondent: Sarah Dowling, English; Mellon Research Fellow, Graduate Humanities Forum

     Adam Croom, CAS, 2012; Cognitive Science, Linguistics and Philosophy
The Evolutionary Origins of Music: Harmonizing Biology and Culture Through Intrapersonal and Interpersonal Synchronization

     Marguerite Leone, CAS, 2013; Anthropology and Geology
Digital Adaptations: Sharing Cherokee Cultural Knowledge

     Alexander Remnick, CAS, 2012; Fine Arts and Photography
Oaxaca: The Blind Daughters

     Monika Wasik, CAS, 2012; Anthropology
The Path of Suffering, Healing, and Recovery: Physical and Psychological Adaptation to Obstetric Fistulas in Sub-Saharan African Women

4:00–4:15p | Closing (re)marks
Emily Kern, Chair and Mellon Research Fellow, UHF
Heather Sharkey, Faculty Advisor, UHF