Molly Armstrong

Andrew W. Mellon Undergraduate Fellow in the Humanities

20112012 Forum on Adaptations

Molly Armstrong

English; Creative Writing

CAS, 2012

Edwidge Danticat & Junot Díaz: A Study of Caribbean Dissent and Descent Through Writing

Authors Junot Díaz and Edwidge Danticat were born two weeks apart in the Caribbean, moved to the U.S. as children, raised within 35 miles of each other, both studied literature in college and both became authors. Within their writings, both raise issues concerning immigration, Caribbean identity, social and personal repercussions of war and dictatorship, as well as assimilation (or lack thereof) into US culture. Yet both of these authors handle these subjects differently, using disparate vehicles for delivering their messages. My research explores these congruencies, deviations, and what it means for the works these authors produce.