Emergence, Rupture, Transformation

February 26, 2009 (Thursday) / 9:00 am4:30 pm

3619 Locust Walk, Philadelphia

Emergence, Rupture, Transformation

9:30-11:30: Session 1 | GENRE

Respondent: Heather Love, M. Mark and Esther K. Watkins Assistant Professor in the Humanities, Penn

  • Paul Cox, Music, Case Western Reserve Univ
    “Between Music, Dance and Theater: John Cage’s Credo in US”
  • Veronica R. Alfano, English, Princeton
    "Generic Androgyny in Tennyson’s The Princess"
  • Elizabeth Mellon, Music, Penn
    “The Genre of the Voice: Changes in the Disciplinarity of Song in Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages”
  • Yaron Aronowicz, English, Princeton
    "Jacob's Room and the Biographical Object"

12:30-2:30: Session 2 | 1800
Respondent: Emily Dolan, Assistant Professor of Music, Penn

  • Jennifer Ronyak, Eastman School of Music, Univ of Rochester
    “Desecrating Intimacy?: The Early Public Performance of the German Lied”
  • Katherine Matson, English, Univ of Virginia
    “Surviving the End: Edgeworth, Scott, and Narrative Survival Around 1800”
  • David Russell, English, Princeton
    “Around 1800: The Emergence of Tact”
  • Martin Nedbal, Eastman School of Music, Univ of Rochester
    “Germanizing Humanism: Mozart’s Maxims and Eighteenth-Century German Nationalism”

2:45-4:30: Session 3 | SUBJECT
Respondent: Kathleen Lubey, PHF Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow; Assistant Professor of English, St. Johns Univ

  • Howard H. Chiang, History of Science, Princeton
    “The Death of a Metaphysical Style”
  • François Massonnat, Romance Languages, Penn
    “Shifting the Gender Epicenter: Female Characters in Three Contemporary ‘Polars’"
  • Leigh Ann Smith-Gary, Germanic Languages, Univ of Chicago
    “Suspension and Caprice: Kafka's Diaristic Acrobatics”

5:00-6:30: Keynote | Stephen Greenblatt
"Cultural Mobility: The Strange Travels of Shakespeare's Cardenio"